EngineeringIndustry application scenarios

Petrochemical Industry Enginee

CIEGC is an international engineering company integrating with the feasibility study, technical consultation, design, equipment procurement, construction management and supervision, project general contracting, project management services and technical services of petrochemical engineering projects. In recent years, CIEGC has made great efforts to strengthen its management and to emphasize the construction of its fundamental structure. CIEGS has boldly implemented the reformation and innovation in market exploration, research and development on technology as well as the human resources development and has achieved remarkable results. The operational indicators have risen significantly year after year by successively having undertaken a number of projects for major refineries and petrochemical engineering.

CIEGC has set up its advanced computer network platform system and application system. CIEGC has world-class application software and engineering database of process technology, engineering design, project management and office automation. CIEGC could carry out engineering design and project management in accordance with international common mode.

New Energy Construction

CIEGC has ranked in the world the advanced level in wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, distributed energy, nuclear power supporting engineering and other construction projects. CIEGC has integrated with engineering consulting, design and general contracting. CIEGC has been qualified in offering the entire chain services for investment, construction and operation for the engineering. CIEGC will introduce and recommend the excellent enterprises and advanced industry in new energy to the public at home and abroad, CIEGC will be dedicated to providing customers with the construction of new energy with high quality, high reliability and cost-effective. 

Water Conservancy and Electric

CIEGC has regarded science and technology as the primary productive force by having paid attention to the research and development and utilization of advanced technologies. CIEGC has accumulated and grasped all kinds of blasting technologies which are of domestic leading level. CIEGC has had various types of sliding mode with international advanced level, inclined shaft drawing dies, roller compacted concrete construction, construction of concrete faced rock fill dam in severe cold area, rock drilling grouting, soft foundation treatment, installation of large-scale hydroelectric generating sets and high-strength steel pipe security and other new technologies and new technologies, especially the accumulation of a set of alpine areas and geology construction of water conservancy and hydro-power projects and pumped storage power station construction experience in harsh areas with strong comprehensive construction capacity and technical capabilities.

With a rapid development of the construction industry of water conservancy and electric power, according to the existing resources and the development of the market, CIEGC has actively expanded its market share while the overall size of the company has been enlarged. CIEGC has made a full use of the enterprise resources seeking for a cross-regional development. CIEGC has given its superiority of the exploitation in different regions into full play by taking advantage of the regional resources. CIRGC will finally realize resources sharing with customers. CIRGC and its customers will strive for a spanning development for a win-win situation.

Mine Engineering

CIEGC focuses on the national mining construction progress, attaches great importance to the innovation of mine construction technology, has a number of national patents, with the leading special underground construction technology and testing equipment, and improve the means of detection, the backbone of well-known experts and professional personnel, good management system and quality management system. With multifaceted comprehensive advantages, a large number of technical problems have been solved in practical engineering. CIEGC vigorously implement the "based on the country, to the world" development strategy, actively participate in international market competition, is the first domestic mining construction enterprises to go abroad, the business scope for mining safety evaluation, mining equipment supply, design, installation and commissioning of coal mine safety monitoring system, industrial automation engineering design. The company has successively built projects in Morocco, Turkey, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Vietnam, India and Ecuador. It has won a good reputation for the country, and has accumulated rich experience in construction and management of international engineering projects.

Thermal Power Engineering

CIEGC provides one-stop valuable engineering services including consulting, financing, design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and reformation of power plants. CIEGC mainly undertakes overall constructions of thermal power plant at home and abroad, the supply of complete sets of machine and equipment, engineering consulting and engineering design, engineering supervision and project management, installation and commissioning and technical services, power station operations, training and maintenance business.

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